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Study Russian in Moscow State University Russian Language Centre

    If you tagswish toposts study Russiansitemap language, to get acquainted with Russian history and culture, you have come to the right place! Our Russian courses, conducted at the Moscow State University are held by high-qualified University professors. We provide russian courses starting and finishing whenever it is convenient for you.     

    Our school, founded by Moscow State University, specializes in individual and group programmes (beginner, intermediate, advanced level). RLC has the state license for training international students in Russian language and highly qualified teaching staff, ensuring quick progress in Russian language study.

    When finishing courses the students receive the RLC Certificate of Attendance. Visa support, transfers, sightseeing program, accommodation and special requests, like business Russian course, are also available. We also offer you to study Russian history and culture.

Russian courses

Individual Russian language course
    Individual tuition in Moscow State University Russian Language Centre is an opportunity to learn Russian language in the the most effective way at the main Russian university and spend your time in the high intelligent environment of teachers and students of the Moscow State University. According to grade levels of Russian language you`ll be offered:
  • the individual study-plan considering your level of knowledge and interests: you determine the content of the course conjointly with your teacher
  • the most convenient schedule
  • manuals picked up under your program
  • an intensive language practice
Group Russian language Course
    Our group russian courses run throughout the year and our students come from a wide range of nationalities. Our teachers are all fully qualified native Russian speakers, with a university degrees.
Studying in small groups (4-6 persons) makes this course intensive and productive. Our general group language course involves students in real-life situations, allows to learn communicative skills. The intensity of standard Russian language course - 80 ac.hours.
    You can come and start the course at any convenient day.

Russian Summer Course
    Do not know how to spend a vacation? Our russian summer course is for you! Spend summer in Moscow with benefit! We offer you to combine rest in Russia with intensive language practice. Interesting excursions, immersing in Russian life and an atmosphere of Russian capital!

Business Russian
    Includes: course of everyday lexicon, dialogue with colleagues, acquaintance with the news on Russian.

    On our web-site you`ll find useful materials on learning Russian. If you want to learn Russian alphabet, basic spelling rules, rules of pronunciation visit our section Russian language training materials.

Moscow State University

Moscow State University, the oldest and the most magnificent Russian university, was founded in 1755 with participation and concerned assistance of the first Russian academician M.V. Lomonosov.

Today MSU comprises 27 faculties, 15 institutes, more than 600 sub-faculties, departments and laboratories. Above 41000 students ( among them 4500 post-graduates and ones working for a doctor's degree ) study there at one and the same time. Every year about 4000 students graduate from MSU. The MSU diploma is recognized all over the world.

MSU has steady scientific relations with worldwide universities. Every year hundreds of foreign students study at university sub-faculties.

If you want to learn Russian, we offer a range and quality of Russian language courses. Our Russian language courses in Russia run throughout the year and our students come from a wide range of nationalities. Our teachers are all fully qualified native Russian speakers, with a university degree and specialist training in the teaching of their language to foreigners. Whether you are a beginner, or at an intermediate or advanced level, we can offer Russian language courses to suit you.In addition to arranging your Russian course of studies, Russian language Centre will also take care of all your accommodation arrangements. We provide high quality Russian language courses for students of all ages and levels.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to study Russian in Russia, we will be able to offer a Russian language course which suits your particular needs.

The Elementary Level

The intensive training program is supposed to be 80-100 academic hours

Stage 1

The alphabet, studying of 300 new words, competent pronunciation, spelling and reading, studying of paramount grammar. Upon termination of you seize the colloquial and written Russian connected with household situations and real events, occuring in a daily life.

Stage 2

Fastening of the material which has been passed at 1-st Stage, gradual mastering by time forms of verbs,case system, more than 300 new expressions, perception on hearing of Russian speech, fast reaction to the questions set by the teacher and skill to set passers. Upon termination of 2-nd stage the lexicon of the student should make 750 words.

The Basic level

The Basic level includes perfection of knowledge of the case system, the use of times and verbal aspects, verbs of motion with prefixes and without prefixes. Expression of spatial attitudes. Adverbs, turn, pronouns, adjectives, participles and verbal adverbs will be included in your dictionary.

Stage 1

You improve the knowledge in sphere of "every day" lexicon. Thus verbs of the perfect and imperfect kind, an adverb, a pronoun, adjectives, participles and verbal adverbs are actively used in speech. More than 400 new expressions. You can make the message on a theme " My family ", "Health", "Vacation", "Phone conversation", " My hobby ", etc.

Stage 2

At this stage you reach a high level of knowledge of grammar. Special texts of "business" sphere of Russian, the firms connected with work, marketing and advertising are entered into lexicon.

Stage 3

Your conversation becomes very active, its rate is accelerated, full knowledge of grammar. The subjects of "cultural" sphere is included in lexicon - history of Russia, history of becoming of Moscow and other cities, conversations about scientists and cultures.

Why learn Russian language in Moscow

Moscow - city is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth and economic prosperity. If you choose to study Russian in Moscow, you'll have the opportunity to see the unforgettable iconic symbols of Russia - the Kremlin, Red Square, and St Basil's Cathedral. However, Moscow is also a very inviting city - with plenty of cosy cafés, vibrant street markets and parks to explore during your Russian course.

Why Study Russian?

Russian is spoken by 280 million people; it ranks with English and Chinese as one of three major world languages. Over a quarter of the world's scientific literature is published in Russian. With the end of the Cold War, Russia has opened its door to international businesses, banking, mass media, culture, and entertainment, and with it grew motivations for studying Russian language. Thousands of Russians travel to the United States for business and pleasure each year, and thousands more have made the United States their home. Russia continues to play a central role in global politics, and experience of learning Russian abroad shows that the demand on foreign experts with Russian language skills grows.

Although with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reasons to study Russian may appear to have lessened, Russia is still country, rich in many ways: literature, drama, music, and culture. In addition, for the West, Russian language will continue to be the medium of exchange with the former republics of the Soviet Union, at least until their own languages gain a larger following in this country.

Just a few of the reasons why study Russian:

Business opportunities in Russia stimulates foreigners to study Russian. Russia's re-entry into the world economic system has opened up an enormous and largely unexploited market for Western goods and services. Russia possesses a well-educated work force and vast natural resources; so business opportunities in the region can only increase over time. Over 300 US companies have already opened businesses in Russia, and Western European firms are even more actively investing in the region.

Government, politics and international relations. Russia continues to play a central role in global politics, and there are a wide variety of career opportunities in both governmental and non-governmental organizations for people studying Russian language. The far-reaching changes in the Russian government and society as a whole which began with the fall of communism offer students of Russian an exciting opportunity to study a nation in transition.

Learn about a different culture. Studying a foreign language offers unique opportunity to experience another culture in depth. Russia's position on the boundary between Europe and Asia and its unique history have produced a complex and fascinating cultural environment, and there are now many more opportunities than in the past to travel there and experience this society first-hand. Studying Russian language opens the door to the study of Russia's rich tradition of literature, art and music. While studying Russian language and culture is an intellectually stimulating and enriching experience in itself, the cultural knowledge and understanding that can be gained also have career implications. Even if you don't use your specic knowledge of Russian, the cultural awareness you gain can transfer to other situations and settings.

Take Russian course in Russian language Centre of Moscow M. V. Lomonosov State University!


Summer festival in Moscow - "A Week of Russian language in CIS countries"

Festival "A Week of Russian in CIS countries " will take place in Moscow in pavilion №38 of VDNH (Main Exhibition Centre) from June, 10 till June, 14th. Festival will gather representatives of orthodox and secular Russian editions.
Main objective of festival, according to organizers, maintenance of effective functioning of Russian language as bases of integration processes in CIS countries, creation of common cultural and humanitarian space, as well as to create extra motivations to study russian.

March, 2007


On Wednesday the scientific conference has begun its work in Uzbekistan. It is devoted to studying Russian in high schools of republic with participation of Russian philologists. Among planned themes are: " Russian and a technique of its teaching ","Russian literature and a technique of its teaching ", "Actual questions of professional-focused studying of Russian in high schools of Uzbekistan ".
"Within the limits of the conference the exhibition of Russian educational, methodical and reference books will be arranged", - was added by Russian representatives.

February, 2007

Take russian summer course with MGU-Russian.

Russian language Centre invites foreign students to study russian in summer. Unique opportunity to see Moscow in summer and to practice russian language in Russian speaking enviroment.

January, 2007

III International congress of researchers of Russian language "Russian language: historical destiny and the present".

III International congress of researchers of Russian language will take place on 20.03.2007 - 23.03.2007.
The organizer: Moscow Lomonosov State university; the International association of teachers of Russian and the literature.
Problematics of the congress:

  • Actual theoretical aspects of Russian linguistics.
  • Russian language in its history and background.
  • Russian philology.
  • Russian as means of the international and interethnic dialogue in new geopolitic conditions.
  • Applied Russian philology and problems of the computer analysis of Russian language.
  • Why study Russian.

January, 2007


    "Next, 2007 year, will be declared as a year of Russian language",-said Russian President Vladimir Putin. "It's pleasant to report that next year will be devoted to working out of extra motivations to study Russian not only in Russia, but everywhere in countries which know, like and appreciate Russian language. Mr President pointed out the importance of Russian language for world civilization and its evolution. "A lot of books about history, science, scientific discoveries of many nations are written in Russian". Mr President expressed his hope that measures concerned with a year of Russian language provoke a lot of interest and strengthen the international contacts.

December, 2006


    "Poles want to study Russian freely now and both universities and language schools as well as private tutors are flooded with students greedy for knowledge. The demand is really growing, explains Agnieszka Slazak of a Centre for Eastern Europe and Central Asian Languages: We have a lot of students and business clients as we organize not only standard stationary courses but also business courses in Russian for journalists, business people, lawyers, etc. First of all our students want to study Russian as they had these lessons in e.g. secondary school followed by a long break – sometimes 10-12 years, and now they need the language again for the job.

December, 2006


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